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Pokémon Snap
Pokémon Stadium/2
Stadium Gold & Silver
Puzzle League
Hey You, Pikachu!

Game Boy

Pokémon Pinball
Puzzle Challenge
G/S Crystal

Gameshark Codes

Pokémon Snap

Must be on:  DE0004000000 + F103D8A02400
Apple & Pester Ball:  803AE51F0002
Apple:  803AE51F0001
Apple, Pester Ball & Poké Flute:  803AE51F0004
All Levels:  810C22120006

Stop on these specified places in the game. Press "L" to stop, and "Start" to resume.

Valley:  D00489E10020 + 801D9ABD0001
Tunnel:  D00489E10020 + 801DDC550001
River:  D00489E10020 + 801EF96D0001
Beach:  D00489E10020 + 802020F50001
Volcano:  D00489E10020 + 801FC5C50001
Cave:  D00489E10020 + 802022250001

Pokémon Pinball

9,999,999,999,990 Points:  01291DD4
2Million Points when you lose a ball:  01028DD4
Infinate Balls:  91059DD4
Infinate Time:  91607AD5

Ability to Encounter Any Pokémon
Just replace the XX, in the code, with the number or letter combination of the Pokémon (listed below) to encounter it.


00-Bulbasaur 21-Nidoking 42-Machoke 63-Voltorb 84-Eevee
01-Ivysaur 22-Clefairy 43-Machamp 64-Electrode 85-Vaporeon
02-Venusaur 23-Clefable 44-Bellsprout 65-Exeggcute 86-Jolteon
03-Charmander 24-Vulpix 45-Weepinbell 66-Exeggutor 87-Flareon
04-Charmeleon 25-Ninetales 46-Victreebel 67-Cubone 88-Porygon
05-Charizard 26-Jigglypuff 47-Tentacool 68-Marowak 89-Omanyte
06-Squirtle 27-Wigglytuff 48-Tentacruel 69-Hitmonlee 8A-Omastar
07-Wartortle 28-Zubat 49-Geodude 6A-Hitmonchan 8B-Kabuto
08-Blastoise 29-Golbat 4A-Graveler 6B-Lickitung 8C-Kabutops
09-Caterpie 2A-Oddish 4B-Golem 6C-Koffing 8D-Aerodactyl
0A-Metapod 2B-Gloom 4C-Ponyta 6D-Weezing 8E-Snorlax
0B-Butterfree 2C-Vileplume 4D-Rapidash 6E-Rhyhorn 8F-Articuno
0C-Weedle 2D-Paras 4E-Slowpoke 6F-Rhydon 90-Zapdos
0D-Kakuna 2E-Parasect 4F-Slowbro 70-Chansey 91-Moltres
0E-Beedrill 2F-Venonat 50-Magnemite 71-Tangela 92-Dratini
0F-Pidgey 30-Venomoth 51-Magneton 72-Kangaskhan 93-Dragonair
10-Pidgeotto 31-Diglett 52-Farfetch'd 73-Horsea 94-Dragonite
11-Pidgeot 32-Dugtrio 53-Doduo 74-Seadra 95-Mewtwo
12-Rattata 33-Meowth 54-Dodrio 75-Goldeen 96-Mew
13-Raticate 34-Persian 55-Seel 76-Seaking B6-Missingno.
14-Spearow 35-Psyduck 56-Dewgong 77-Staryu  
15-Fearow 36-Golduck 57-Grimer 78-Starmie  
16-Ekans 37-Mankey 58-Muk 79-Mr. Mime  
17-Arbok 38-Primeape 59-Shellder 7A-Scyther  
18-Pikachu 39-Growlithe 5A-Cloyster 7B-Jynx  
19-Raichu 3A-Arcanine 5B-Gastly 7C-Electabuzz  
1A-Sandshrew 3B-Poliwag 5C-Haunter 7D-Magmar  
1B-Sandslash 3C-Poliwhirl 5D-Gengar 7E-Pinsir  
1C-Nidoran (F) 3D-Poliwrath 5E-Onix 7F-Tauros  
1D-Nidorina 3E-Abra 5F-Drowzee 80-Magikarp  
1E-Nidoqueen 3F-Kadabra 60-Hypno 81-Gyarados  
1F-Nidoran (M) 40-Alakazam 61-Krabby 82-Lapras  
20-Nidorino 41-Machop 62-Kingler 83-Ditto  

Trading Card Game TCG

No HP on Opponent Pokémon (Bench)

Enter these codes:

Infinate Pokémon HP (Bench)
Enter all codes listed:

Level 8 Mew:   01A000C4
Fossil Mew:   01A200C4
Card Pop Mew:   01A100C4

Opponents' Pokémon have no HP:   0100C8C3
All Fake Medals:   0108CCD3
Pokémon has no HP (Active Opponent):   0100C8C3
Unlimited power to all cards:   0120C8C2
Infinate HP for active Pokémon:   01FFC8C2

Quick Battle:   0100C8C3
Coin Toss (always on heads):   01012FC2
Coin Toss (always on tails):   01002FC2

Infinate Booster Packs in PC:
Mystery:   018420D1
Laboratory:   018221D1
Colosseum:   01811ED1
Evolution:   01851FD1

Booster Packs in Mail
All values:

Get Pokémon in Booster Pack
Code:   01XXEDD0
Replace "XX" with the following codes to get the desired Pokémon/element card

Double Colorless Energy:   010700C4
Psychic Energy:   010800C4
Grass Energy:   010100C4
Water Energy:   010300C4
Fighting Energy:   010500C4
Fire Energy:   010200C4

Caterpie (Lv 13):   010C00C4
Metapod (LV 21):   010D00C4
Butterfree (LV 28):   010E00C4
Ekans (LV 10):   011200C4
Arbok (LV 27): 011300C4
Weedle (LV 12):   010F00C4
Kakuna (LV 23):   011000C4
Beedrill (LV 32):   011100C4
Nidoran (M) (LV 20):   011700C4
Nidoran (F) (LV 13):   011400C4
Nidorina (LV 24):   011500C4
Nidoqueen (LV 43):   011600C4
Ivysaur (LV 20):   010900C4
Venusaur (LV64):   010A00C4
Venusaur (LV 67): 010B00C4

Pokémon Gold/Silver & Crystal

Make Pokémon Shiny:01EA3FDA + 01EA40DA
1 hit KO:010000D1
All Badges:01FF7CD5 + 01FF7DD5
Always on Bike:010182D6

Have Infinate Amounts of Money
Enter all codes below:

All Decorations in Room
Enter all codes listed:

Happiness (First in party)
Lowest: 010045DA
Highest: 01FF45DA

Change wild Pokémon's level:   01XXFCD0(replace with following codes)
01  / 1
0A  / 10
19  / 25
32  / 50
48  / 75
64  / 100
FF  / 255

Raise Levels from Battle:01XXFCD0
01  / 1
0A  / 10
19  / 25
32  / 50
48  / 75
64  / 100
FF  / 255

No Random Battles:010000BD2
Enemy Poisoned and Asleep:01000ADD7
Battle only Female Pokémon: 010419D1
Battle only Male Pokémon:010519D1
Battle only Shiny Pokémon:010719D1

Use any Capturing Device Pokéball Modifier Slot 1: 01XXB8D5
Infinate Pokéball Slot 1: 0163B9D5
(Enter a value:)
01-Master Ball
02-Ultra Ball
04-Great Ball
05-Poké Ball
9D-Heavy Ball
9F-Level Ball
A0-Lure Ball
A1-Fast Ball
A4-Friend Ball
A5-Moon Ball
A6-Love Ball
B1-Park Ball

Change Pokémon's Attacks
(For first Pokémon; Replace the "XX" with the code)
First Attack: 01XX2CDA
Second Attack: 01XX2DDA
Third Attack: 01XX2EDA
Fourth Attack: 01XX2FDA

01-Pound 34-Ember 66-Mimic 98-Crab Hammer CA-Giga Drain
02-Karate Chop 35-Flamethrower 67-Screech 99-Explosion CB-Endure
03-Double Slap 36-Mist 68-Double Team 9A-Fury Swipes CC-Charm
04-Comet Punch 37-Water Gun 69-Recover 9B-Boomerang CD-Rollout
05-Mega Punch 38-Hydro Pump 6A-Harden 9C-Rest CE-False Swipe
06-Pay Day 39-Surf 6B-Minimize 9D-Rock Slide CF-Swagger
07-Fire Punch 3A-Ice Beam 6C-Smoke Screen 9E-Hyper Fang D0-Drink Milk
08-Ice Punch 3B-Blizzard 6D-Confuse Ray 9F-Sharpen D1-Spark
09-Thunder Punch 3C-Psybeam 6E-Withdraw A0-Conversion D2-Fury Cutter
0A-Scratch 3D-Bubblebeam 6F-Defense Curl A1-Tri Attack D3-Steel Wing
0B-Vice Grip 3E-Aurora Beam 70-Barrier A2-Super Fang D4-Mean Look
0C-Guillotine 3F-Hyper Beam 71-Light Screen A3-Slash D5-Attract
0D-Razor Wind 40-Peck 72-Haze A4-Substitute D6-Sleep Talk
0E-Swords Dance 41-Drill Peck 73-Reflect A5-Struggle D7-Heal Bell
0F-Cut 42-Submission 74-Focus Energy A6-Sketch D8-Return
10-Gust 43-Low Kick 75-Bide A7-Triple Kick D9-Present
11-Wing Attack 44-Counter 76-Metronome A8-Thief DA-Frustration
12-Whirlwind 45-Seismic Toss 77-Mirror Move A9-Spider Web DB-Safeguard
13-Fly 46-Strength 78-Self Destruct AA-Mind Reader DC-Pain Split
14-Bind 47-Absorb 79-Egg Bomb AB-Nightmare DD-Sacred Fire
15-Headbutt 48-Mega Drain 7A-Lick AC-Flame Wheel DE-Magnitude
16-Vinewhip 49-Leech Seed 7B-Smog AD-Snore DF-Dynamicpunch
17-Stomp 4A-Growth 7C-Sludge AE-Curse E0-Megahorn
18-Double Kick 4B-Razor Leaf 7D-Bone Club AF-Flail E1-Dragonbreath
19-Mega Kick 4C-Solar Beam 7E-Fire Blast B0-Conversion2 E2-Baton Pass
1A-Jump Kick 4D-Poison Powder 7F-Waterfall B1-Air Blast E3-Encore
1B-Rolling Kick 4E-Stunspore 80-Clamp B2-Cotton Spore E4-Persuit
1C-Sand Attack 4F-Sleep Powder 81-Swift B3-Reversal E5-Rapid Spin

Best Genes/Hidden Power
Genes: 01FF40DA

Hidden Power:  01XX3FDA
(Replace XX with the type you want Hidden Power to be.)


Red/Blue/Yellow Versions

Infinate Items

Infinate PP (1st position) 01282DD0
Infinate PP (2nd position) 01282ED0
Infinate PP (3rd position) 01282FD0
Infinate PP (4th position) 012830D0
Casino Coins 0199A4D5 + 199A5D5
Safari Balls 016447DA
Safari Zone time 01F00ED7

Fight Trainers and Gym Leaders
Code: 01XXD8CF

To activate the code, walk around in the grass, just like you would to catch Pokémon.

C9-Youngster E9-Bruno
CA-Bug Catcher E0-Black Belt
CB-Lass EA-Brock
CC-Sailor EB-Misty
CD-Junior Trainer(M) EC-Lt. Surge
CE-Junior Trainer(F) ED-Erica
CF-Pokémaniac EE-Koga
D1-Hiker EF-Blaine
D2-Biker F0-Sabrina
D4-Engineer F1-Gentleman
D5-Fisherman F2/F3/E1-Gary
D6-Burglar F4-Lorilei
D7-Swimmer F6-Agatha
D8-Cueball F5-Channeler
D9-Gambler F7-Lance
DA-Beauty DB-Psychic
DC-Rocker DD-Juggler
DE-Tamer DF-Bird Keeper
E0-Blackbelt E2-Professor Oak
E3-Chief E4-Scientist
E5-Giovanni E6-Rocket
E7-Cool Trainer(M) Cool Trainer(F)

Disclaimer: Pokémon,Pocket Monsters,all characters,games,other merchandise and all likenesses are copyright by Satoshi Tajiri,GAME FREAK inc.,Creatures inc., Nintendo of America, and others.